Admire the Ladner Creek Trestle

A historic abandoned train bridge within a 1km short hike of the hwy. Great photo opportunities and views down the valley. A collapsed tunnel along the hike.

Located just off the Coquihalla Hwy about 30km east of Hope, BC is Ladner Creek.  Use the Portia Exit #202 if you are coming from the West to do a u-turn just after crossing over the creek.

Coming back from the East, you want to pull off the highway immediately before crossing the bridge.  After exiting the highway onto the gravel road, park near the highway as the trailhead starts almost immediately after pulling off.  

When starting out, there is a short scramble up about 50m of loose rock: the trail is pretty easy to see follow.  Once getting up to a flat grade, follow trail north, there will be a fairly wide path through the forrest. After about 1km, you will come to an old train tunnel.  Unfortunately this tunnel was destroyed after being de-commissioned so you will not be able to go through the tunnel.  To the left of the tunnel there is a short incline, follow the path up the hill with the assistance of ropes and wires.

As soon as you get above the tunnel, you'll be able to see the Ladner Creek Trestle.  Beware!  Don't walk to the right to go down to the Trestle, you can go there to view the Trestle but if you want to get up close you should follow the loose rock and ropes down to it.  If you go to the right you will be standing on top of the other end of the tunnel and one step from a large fall.  Be sure to be very careful descending down the loose rock to the trestle, beyond the edge there is a very steep almost cliff like drop to the valley.

Although amazing to look at, the trestle is extremely old and extremely rotten.  You are one broken piece of wood and a very long fall away from death.  Stay safe and admire the bridge from land, no matter how tempted you are! :)